Deckchair Systems Ltd are proud to present Innovative Deck Leveling Systems and be selected as the best option in the High Performing Building award.


Deckchair Systems Ltd have developed three low cost timber options to provide support for decking joists, to overlay membrane or concrete deck sub structures. The Deckchair has a registered design mark and the rubber foot is SGS tested to carry weights of over 20 tons. The system is plastic free, made from recycled tyres and LVL timber using 100% of the tree, making it a Green option. The Deckchair systems were developed in New Zealand at the request of designers and builders to provide a low-cost, easy to use support for decking joists. The three options are mounted on the Deckchair Rubber Foot Joist mount.

1 | Rubber Joist Mounts

The traditional option is to pre-cut a joist to the specified angle (1.5 to 2 deg). The Deckchair rubber foot is mounted under the joist (max) 450mm apart to provide the 15mm clearance required. Made from a composite rubber derived from recycled car tires, the Deck Chair Joist Mount is manufactured by one of the world’s leading rubber recycling companies, with decades of industry experience in producing a range of composite rubber surfaces that are hardwearing and long lasting – from playgrounds to sports tracks and hundreds of other uses.


2 | Deck Jack Leg

Builders assemble a frame from treated timber using the specified sized joists and boundary joists to the size of the deck. This frame then needs to be leveled to the required height by fixing the frame to the Premade 2 deg Deckchair LVL Deck Jack Legs that come complete with Deckchair Rubber Mount. These are fixed every 450c (max) Once the deck frame is fixed level any surplus jack leg is cut off level using a sabre saw or similar.


3 | Adjustable Joist

The Deck Chair Adjustable Joist is made from H 3.2 grade laminated veneer lumber (LVL), and produced by a leading NZ supplier. It will withstand warping and twisting over time and is certified to deliver decades of substructure support. The Deck Chair Adjustable joist comes pre-fitted with Deck Chair Joist Mounts for quick and simple installation.


Pre-formed, adjustable joists that provide a level sub structure ready to fix the decking of your choice

  • Manufactured from treated 3.2 LVL timber to avoid warping and twisting
  • Comes pre-installed with DECK CHAIR joist mounts
  • Quick and simple installation saves time and money, delivers a perfect result every time
  • Comes in 1200mm module lengths that connect together



Made from post treated H3.2 LVL timber, the Deck Jack Leg comes in one 240mm length, cut on one end at 2 degrees with a rubber foot pre-adhered to the base.

The leg can be turned to the corresponding slope and once fixed any surplus length can be cut level to the top of the frame.

  • Engineered, fit for purpose
  • Pre-assembled ready to use
  • Fast and cost effective


A rubber joist mount specifically designed to support floor joists over membrane decking or concrete floors

  • Simple, easy-to-install solution
  • Cost-effective and future-proof
  • Engineered “fit for purpose”
  • Made to various densities from recycled rubber
  • Perfectly suited to DECK CHAIR adjustable joists, but can be fitted to other timber or steel joists.




“Great system. Heartily recommended.
Looking forward to using it again.”


  • “We utilised the Deck Chair Adjustable Joists and Joist Mount system over an Equus membrane deck in Whitby. We found the product to be excellent in its design and easy to install. A great benefit is that it's available off the shelf, so there's no ordering delay normally associated with custom made items. The adjustable joist allows for any small deviation in the decking substrate to be accommodated, and once you lay the outside joists, the tops of the joists can be aligned with a string line and spacer blocks to get a perfect surface. I heartily recommend the system to other builders and look forward to using the products again.”
    Chris HeyhoeHeyhoe Builders Limited